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Copyright © 2009-2021 John McKernon Software. All rights reserved.

John McKernon Software (JMS) and Lightwright LLC own all intellectual property in Lightwright, which is licensed, not sold. This license grants you a non-exclusive license to Lightwright, which permits you to copy, download, install, use, and otherwise benefit from the functionality of the software.

If you cannot accept these terms, do not purchase a license or register one.

For legal purposes, the owner of the license is considered the name submitted on the web site registration form as “Registered Name” at the time of registration approval,and cannot be substantially changed later.

The fine print:


YOU AGREE TO ALLOW LIGHTWRIGHT TO ACCESS THE INTERNET FROM TIME TO TIME, to validate your license and confirm your compliance with the terms of this license.

Your license applies only to the major version of Lightwright current at the time you obtain your license and does not give you the right to use later major releases without paying the required upgrade fee.

The structure, organization, and code of Lightwright are valuable trade secrets and confidential information of JMS. Except as expressly stated herein, this agreement does not grant you any intellectual property rights in Lightwright and all rights not expressly granted are reserved by JMS and Lightwright LLC.

You may not modify, adapt, or translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or proprietary protocols of Lightwright. You may not rent, lease, sell, sublicense, assign, or transfer your license to Lightwright without the written  consent of JMS. The terms of this license may change at any time at the discretion of John McKernon Software and Lightwright LLC. The current terms are available at

Finally, remember that pirated copies of Lightwright are easy to trace. If someone has your registration information and uses Lightwright outside the the terms of this license agreement, then you will be considered a responsible party in any legal action taken against the person using Lightwright under your serial number.

These are available only to a bona-fide full-time student for a period of time limited to 3 years from the date the approval code is issued. The license must be in the name of the student, who must be able to produce proof of student status when requested, and use is limited to only that student, on one computer at a time (one concurrent user). After the three-year license has expired, the software will cease to function. Student licenses can be upgraded to a Personal license at any time by purchasing a Student-to-Personal Upgrade. The license must be registered in the name of an actual living individual, not a job title or pseudonym.

This is licensed to a specific individual - an actual living person - and cannot be registered in the name of a title, pseudonym, company, university, or other organization. Please note that if an institution buys an individual registration and registers it in the name of someone working there, then that person will be the legal licensee and can take it with them if/when they go elsewhere. The name must clearly identify the individual, it cannot be just a first name or nickname. Limited to one concurrent user at any time.

Your license allows you to use either the Windows and/or Macintosh version of the software and to freely move back and forth between the two versions so long as you do not exceed the maximum number of users permitted under the terms of the license. You may install the software on as many different computers as you need, but you cannot have more people actually using the software at any given time than permitted by your license.

If you have a Personal or Student license, this means only one person can use it at a time, but he or she can be using either the Windows or Mac version. If you have an Institutional license, this means up to six people can be using the software at any given time, and it does not matter which operating system any of them are using.

If you are a Designer or Electrician and are buying the license for yourself, then you should get a Personal license.

If you are currently a student, you will probably want a Student license, but if you plan on using Lightwright for projects outside of school, then you may want to get a Personal license so that your paperwork does not say "Student" on it.

If you are a Designer or Electrician and the institution you work for is buying a license for you to use at work, then you should get an Institutional license, otherwise the license will go with you when you leave the institution.

If you are buying a license for use at a university, theatre, or any other organization, then you should get an Institutional license.




Lightwright is licensed to you as a Personal, Student, or Institutional license.




These licenses are available for use by 6 people (six concurrent users) to as many as 30 users, in 6-user increments. The registration must be in the name of an actual bona fide organization licensed to do business in the state where the license is registered.