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Lightwright is NOT Compatible With Vectorworks Project Sharing

Lightwright 5 and 6 work great with Vectorworks 2016 and later, except for Vectorworks’ new Project Sharing feature. It is unlikely that Data Exchange will ever work with Project Sharing.

You may get a warning when Lightwright launches that it “may affect the performance of your Mac” and “The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”

You get this warning because Lightwright is a 32bit app and Apple is trying to get everyone to 64bit. Lightwright will be transitioning to 64 bit later this year.

You do not need to do anything at this time. Apps sold through the App Store must be 64bit by this summer, the situation with other apps is unclear. All Apple will say is “macOS High Sierra will be the last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromise,” whatever that means...

Lightwright 5 is NOT compatible with macOS Sierra

I knew this would happen eventually, but not exactly when. Lightwright 5's time on the Mac just ran out. LW5 is built with tools that were current in 2009, but cannot be used to build modern Sierra-compatible apps. I can't move it to the current tools without breaking mountains of code, which is one very big reason why LW6 had to be released before Apple released Sierra.

Lightwright Forum

Kevin Barry (B'way production electrician) put together an online forum for Lightwright users to help each other, show each other labels, and puzzle out shortcuts and other ways of using Lightwright. Forum membership is free, and signing up is easy and secure. To join, point your web browser at

Lightwright 6 and Eos

Using Lightwright with Vision 2017

Vectorworks 2017 uses the Vectorworks Instrument Type field to specify the Manufacturer Model for Vision. This means you cannot modify the instrument type name in Lightwright, it must be whatever Vision needs. As a practical matter, you will need two copies of your .vwx file: One for using Data Exchange with Lightwright, and the other for Vision. Vectorworks has fixed this in Vectorworks 2018.

ETC recently released a new video that shows some of the ways Lightwright 6 connects with Eos.

Click here to check it out!

Public Beta

A public beta of the next Lightwright maintenance release is available for anyone to try.

Click here to go to the beta page

Lightwright 6 on macOS High Sierra





Lightwright 6 Needs Vectorworks 2018 SP2 or Later

There were bugs in Vectorworks 2018 SP1 and earlier (including VW 2017 and 2016) that blocked users from entering data in all 3 of the Vectorworks Universe, U Address, and Dimmer fields. This kept Lightwright 6 from properly syncing those fields with Lightwright 6's related fields.

VW2018 SP2 fixes this problem by enabling free entry of data in all three fields. For more information, please read the Addresses and Lightwright 6 topic in this web site's Support menu.

This is a CRITICAL UPDATE that fixes some awful bugs, including one that caused show files to be deleted immediately after they were saved, and another that made it impossible for Windows users to print labels.

A complete list of bugs fixed is available in the Release Notes.pdf in Lightwight 6.0.15's Help menu.


Student licenses require version 6.0.1 or later.

Lightwright 6.0.16 IS THE CURRENT RELEASE